New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin continues to wow the NBA with his rags-to-riches story, becoming the biggest thing to hit Broadway since a rat was spotted in the subway. He’s created almost as many highlights as fans have plays on his name, so why not have some more fun with all the wordplay?

With a nod to all the “Linsanity,” we take a look at 17 things this Harvard grad — who was cut twice this season by other teams — should do with his newfound fame and the fortune that’s sure to follow. Why 17? That’s his number, so why the heck not?

1. Buy the Oakland Raiders and change the team’s motto to “Just Lin, Baby.” After the team “lins” the Super Bowl, he’ll be handed the Lin-bardi Trophy.

2. Keep working hard so he can prove this magical run isn’t be-Lin-ner’s luck.

3. Sign an endorsement deal with that great-tasting chocolate, Lindt.

4. Take some time to relax and keep warm with a nice bowl of Lin-til soup.

5. Sign an endorsement deal with the best glass cleaning product there is, Lin-dex.

6. Come up with a cool nickname, like ‘The Ter-Lin-ator.’

7. Become a two-sport star. He’d look great as a Florida Mar-Lin.

8. Demand a trade to the Lin-nesota Timberwolves. Or the Or-Lin-do Magic. Or the San Lin-tonio Spurs. But only if he’s no longer happy in Manhat-Lin.

9. If the Knicks don’t trade him, insist their home arena be referred to as Madi-Lin Square Garden. Or Madison Square Gar-Lin. Whichever.

10. Invest in Wall Street and hope he doesn’t get caught up in some Lin-sider trading scandal.

11. Declare his candidacy for the Republic-Lin nomination for president.

12. Arrange for his very own driver to take him everywhere in a Lin-coln Town Car.

13. Try to qualify for a spot on the US O-Lin-pic team.

14. Promise not to let all his success go to his head. To prove how serious he is, he should make a Lin-ky swear.

15. Write his memoirs. It’s sure to be a Lin-spiration.

16. Start a relationship with Kim Kardashian that ends after a 72-day marriage during which time she’s known as Kim Kardashi-Lin.

17. Share with the world the best wordplay he’s ever heard about his name because we’ve reached our Lin-it.