Wide receiver Lonzell Hill spent his entire NFL career with the New Orleans Saints, suiting up for the black and gold from 1987-1990.

Hill was selected in the 2nd round (40th overall) out of Washington in the '87 draft by Jim Mora and the Saints. The son of a former Pro Bowl wide receiver, Hill carried the reputation of a tough player. At 5 feet 10, 182 pounds, his 4.5 speed looked even quicker in the open field, thanks in large part of his incredible elusiveness.

His Father, J.D. Hill, played for the Bills and Lions in the 70s. After his career, J.D. struggled with cocaine. When J.D. called his son Lonzell from rehab, Lonzell, a prep star in Stockton California at the time, initially found it hard to believe. However, J.D. got clean, and eventually gave antidrug lectures with Lonzell.

Upon Hill's arrival, the Saints experienced their first winning season in franchise history. He started one game as a rookie, reeling in 19 passes for 322 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Hill's best season came in 1988 when he started opposite Eric Martin. Hill finished the year with 66 catches, 703 yards, and 7 touchdowns. He also found a role in the return game, serving as the the #2 punt returner in '88 and '89.


Hill started 12 games in '89, scoring 4 touchdowns and catching 48 passes for 636 yards. He played sparingly for the Saints in 1990, his final season in the league. However, playing for the Saints in 1990 means he will always be a part of video game history as a featured player in the greatest football game of all-time...Tecmo Super Bowl.

Tecmo Super Bowl 1990