After a headline trade in the first round, the New Orleans Pelicans gained the rights to the 42nd overall pick in the draft from the Philadelphia 76ers. With the pick, the Pelicans selected point guard Pierre Jackson out of Baylor.

After trading for point guard Jrue Holiday in the first round, getting a career-year from Greivis Vasquez last season, and seeing solid production from Brian Roberts, the Pelicans suddenly have a roster with 4 point guards.

Last year the Pelicans selected Austin Rivers #10 overall and claimed they wanted him to transition to point guard. That appears unlikely after his rookie year, but it's player with a little point guard experience on the roster.

While second round picks don't get guaranteed contracts, the depth chart alone makes it difficult for Jackson to make the roster. This could be foreshadowing to another potential trade for the Pelicans, possibly of Vasquez.

Jackson is undersized by NBA standards at 5'10, but does a nice job of getting to the rim. He averaged 19.8 points, 7.1 assists, and 3.8 rebounds a game last season at Baylor.