Mykhael Quave doesn't just block the hell out of people for the Ragin' Cajuns. He can also bust a mean freestyle. Anytime, anywhere.

Instead of bogging Quave down with a lot of preseason questions he could conveniently dodge, I decided to drop a little beatbox (freestyle starts at the 1:23 mark of the video) and see if he could get another taste of MC Quave's flow on the mic. This is far from the first time he's laid down a few lines. It was definitely the first time anybody ever busted out a couple bars on camera at Sun Belt Media Day.

Words of advice: Don't challenge him to a rap battle. If he is this good off the top of the head (without cursing or saying anything even remotely profane), you would probably get eaten alive off camera. He has to be the undisputed freestyle champ in the locker room, and this quick performance was enough to turn some heads of media members and fellow Sun Belt athletes.

If the whole football thing doesn't work out, a mixtape might not be a bad idea. If only we could come up with a good name for the first tape...