Good versus evil is a timeless tale and it’s one that continues to play out in NFL stadiums every Sunday.

A new survey of 1,100 people age 13 and older has shed some light on who the most disliked players in the NFL are.

For all the universally admired guys like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, there are plenty of players who get fans’ blood boiling. No one fits that description more than Michael Vick, who topped the list, with 53% of respondents expressing dislike for him.

Vick’s image continues to take a beating that no linebacker can equal. He’s been out of jail for his role in a dog-fighting ring for more than four years, but the perception among several fans continues to be negative.

The real surprise on the list is that Manti Te’o finished in second place, with 48% saying they don’t like him. That’s pretty surprising for a rookie, although public opinion was roundly formed last year when it came out that he had a fake girlfriend.

Here are the 10 most disliked NFL players, along with the percentage of people who don’t like them:

1. Michael Vick – 53% dislike
Manti Te’o – 48%
Ndamukong Suh – 43%
(tie) Ben Roethlisberger – 40%
(tie) Mark Sanchez- 40%
Jay Cutler – 33%
Tony Romo – 32%
Tom Brady – 25%
Carson Palmer – 24%
Reggie Bush – 22%