Ladies and Gentleman, put on your tuxedos and evening gowns, high heels and bow ties. It's time to hand out the mid-season "Tailgate Awards."

Since everyone else gets an awards show, why not tailgaters? Awards are given out for excellence, and I experience that every week when I go out for Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV. We have several different categories, but I haven't figured out the hardware to give out yet...maybe an ice cold beer, spray painted gold and placed on a platter of cracklin?

Best Barbecue

Best Breakfast- For the Boise State game, I had plenty of breakfast (bacon, smoked sausage, tacos), but Chef Gregory, who slings food right behind the alumni tent, took the cake with his smoked grillades with corn grits and Steen's Syrup sauce. He told me it would be a bite of heaven, and when I put the first forkful into my mouth, I'm pretty sure I grew a pair of wings and went up to the clouds.

Best Chicken Wings-Without a doubt, The Delcambre Mafia owns the fryer. Their wings were crispy, crunchy, and so perfectly fried I didn't even need sauce to dip them in. Also, their fried catfish was superb. I almost stayed all day.

Best Dessert-The Krewe De Chewe doesn't mess around, when it comes to food. Kyle's Eclair Pudding probably has about 9,000 calories per bite, but it was worth every mile I had to run to burn off the fat. Plus, he makes spiked pudding shots every week. See why I always stop by to satisfy my sweet tooth?

"What's In The Pot?" Award

Children's Achievement Award-I find young Cajun fans every week, but John and Andrew, from the McNeese State episode, take home the award for their sick dance moves. These two stole the show with their touchdown dances, and you might recognize them from their appearance on the scoreboard videos. I better look out, or they might steal my job.

Party Hard Award-Nobody partied harder than the folks under The Big Yellow Circus Tent. For the South Alabama game, they busted out the big gun: an ice luge. If you're going to throw down all day, why not buy an ice luge to cool down your shots? Some people get hammered at the tailgate, but they got sledgehammered that Saturday.

Cajun Creativity Award

Remember, we're still only halfway through the season. We still have homecoming and the final home game of the season to party, eat and celebrate football season. As always, I'll see you out at the Tailgate.