WWL 870 in New Orleans has reported that a mystery university of Michigan plane is in Baton Rouge. Les Miles is in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, but could officials be awaiting his return?

Tracking data at the aviation website flightaware.com shows that a Lear Jet painted with the colors and logo of the University of Michigan was on the ground at the Baton Rouge airport this morning for a couple of hours.

The plane, with a registration number of N929SR, is apparently registered to "T&M Air, LLC," which is incorporated in the State of Colorado.

The website for the Colorado Secretary of State shows that "T & M Air" is registered as a "Foreign Limited Liability Company." In this case, "foreign" means from another state. The Sec of State website says the original jurisdiction of "T & M Air" is Michigan.
Read the rest of the article and see a picture of the plane by clicking here: http://www.wwl.com/Mystery-U-of-Michigan-plane-in-Baton-Rouge-/8937122

Michigan is still looking for a head coach, and the fan base wants a "Michigan man." Les Miles fits the mold, but if offered, would he leave Baton Rouge while sitting on a potential national championship team in 2011?