Meet Georgia Page, also known as the "Rugby War Goddess." Nothing stops her from making tackles, even a broken nose.

She put herself and Lindenwood University on the map by proving yet again that rugby players are another breed of tough. The battle scars you see are from the video below. On the play, Page goes down, clearly in pain. After getting back up, she takes an opposing player off her feet with a solid tackle. Then she clears out another player. When the camera pans to her face, it's covered with blood. Nose, broken. Game, still on.

Insert internet fame. Can you blame people for going crazy over this? Ouch.

That's one way to make a play. This isn't the first time a rugby player displayed incomprehensible levels of toughness, but it's also not every day rugby gets put in the spotlight.

Page seems to be handling her new found fame with grace. Anytime you're dubbed the "War Goddess" of anything, there is sure to be a fair share of internet insanity that follows. Instead of taking it to her head and going ego-crazy, she reflected the current spotlight back onto her sport and fellow female athletes.

(from @geo_page on Twitter)

Classy gesture. Just stay away from her on the field. Otherwise, you might end up on your backside.