Every member of the Dallas Mavericks has been open about how much they appreciate their owner Mark Cuban. After his Mavericks won the NBA Finals Sunday night, Cuban claimed that championship rings were done, and they would "take it to the next level." Would their wear championship belts? Bracelets? Dog Tags? While Mark's players respect his creativity, they want rings. Dirk Nowitzki told Tim McMahon of espn.com that Dallas didn't want to breakaway from the traditional championship practice.

"We got to talk to him about that," Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki said with a big smile. "I don't think the last word has been spoken yet. You know he always wants to do something different, wants to do something bigger, but I mean, the ring is just so classic.

"I think I would vote for a ring. I mean, I'm a man. I don't know how I'd feel about a bracelet. I've gotta go with a ring."

Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle said the same. There is no doubt that Cuban will do what his team wants, but don't be shocked if he buys an extra championship belt or bracelet for his own cognizance.