Ragin' Cajun Football Head Coach Mark Hudspeth had a lot of questions to answer, and even some for himself, in his weekly press conference.

After a tough loss to Arkansas State on ESPN 2, the Ragin' Cajuns sit at 2-4 overall. It's been hard to put two halves together, which is a maddening issue. When they're on, the ship sails right. For Hudspeth and the Cajuns, the losing record isn't a proper representation of the talent on the depth chart.

"They're upset because they know they're better," Hudspeth said.

Slow starts in the first half plagued the Cajuns most of the season. Coach Hud had a lot of questions for himself about the sluggish beginnings.

"Are we doing too much? Are we not doing enough? Are we making adjustments soon enough," Hudspeth asked to the assorted media. "Instead of finding answers and running your offense, you're playing catch up."

Looking back on the Arkansas State loss, Coach Hudspeth still found a few bright marks. Freshman punter Steven Coutts continues to be a weapon on special teams, Otha Peters broke out on defense, and Hud appreciated the way the team fought down the stretch, despite coming up just short of a comeback.

Gabe Fuselier capitalized on Jamal Robinson's absence on the outside and hauled in an impressive catch to get coach's attention. He might be seeing the ball a bit more.

"That guy battled, he wanted the ball more," Hudspeth said. "We probably should have given him more opportunities."

In terms of nuts and bolts, Hudspeth confirmed that Grant Horst will stay at left guard, and Jamal Robinson's diagnosis seems optimistic even though it was the same foot that sidelined him last season.

With a rivalry matchup with ULM on the horizon, they're going to need all hands on deck if they don't want the slope of their season to get more slippery. Even though the Warhawk's record would say otherwise, Hudspeth views them as a dangerous team.

"Don't let the record fool you," Hudspeth said. "This is the same physical Warhawk team we're used to seeing."

An invitation to bowl season is still a reality for the Cajuns, but they can ill afford to trip over many more hurdles. Take some time to catch up with Coach Hud and hear his plan moving forward in the video above.