It was a very convincing win for the LSU Tigers over the then second-ranked Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday 36-16. After the victory, the Tiger fans rushed the field with a huge SEC win, you can imagine their excitement but it ended up costing the university in the wallet.

Athletic Director Joe Alleva came out on Monday and said that the school will be fined $100,000 for the on-field postgame celebrations by the team with the fans. This is per an SEC rule violation of spectators entering the field of play after the conclusion of a game.

I understand it's a safety issue but damn, can we let the fans and the team celebrate? What as a tremendous victory over the number two team in the nation! However, if the team can find a way to win out the rest of the year, the price tag might be worth celebrating. Just wait and see if you'll be able to keep those same people off the field if LSU defeats Alabama at home in a couple weeks...


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