LSU Defensive Tackle Trey Lealaimatafao was arrested for simple battery and simple robbery on Thursday. These mistakes will cost him.

Ross Dellenger of The Advocate reported Lealaimatafao dug through the pockets of a man rendered unconscious by "unknown suspects," then made matters much worse by punching the victim's girlfriend when she tried to interfere, in the parking lot of the popular college bar, Reggie's.

There were three eye witnesses, who also verified he fled the scene. He could face up to seven years for the robbery charge. Dellenger fully describes the scope and possibility of the punishment, but the fact of the matter is this: strike three.

Lealaimatafao ran into trouble twice last year, punching through a window at team facilities and stealing a bike on campus. This third strike is quite serious, and it could cost him his career before it even starts.

LSU suspended Lealaimatafao indefinitely after the arrest. After never touching the field as a freshman for his troubles, it would be hard to see him wearing purple and gold ever again.

Clearly, he needs some help fixing this. The first time, he hurt himself. This time, he hurt someone else.  Let's hope this is enough for him to learn from.