The Louisiana High School Athletic Association’s Executive Committee approved recommendations made by the school relations committee to divide the newly classified select schools into four divisions on Thursday.

So, if you like a lot of state championship high school football games, you're in luck, as beginning this fall, there will be a total of nine state championship games, including five in the non-select bracket, and four in the new select bracket

After a lot of discussion, the Executive Committee of the LHSAA voted to divide select schools into four different brackets.

In the select bracket, Division I will consist of class 5A schools, Division II will be a combination of 4A and 3A schools, Division III will consist of 2A schools, and Division IV will consist of 1A schools.

There will be only four divisions in the new select classification, due to lack of schools, and with the combination of select 3A and 4A schools, there's a chance that a lower populated 3A school will have to compete against a higher populated 4A school.

The reason the committee elected to combine the 3A and 4A schools however, is because they thought they had to combine two classifications, simply because the numbers just weren't there, and because combining 3A and 4A made the most sense of anything.

One idea of combining 5A and 4A schools was passed over because the committee determined there was actually a larger disparity between the smallest 4A school’s enrollment and the largest 5A school’s enrollment, as opposed to the smallest 3A school's enrollment, compared to the largest 4A school's enrollment.