Watch below, as a young catcher watches in horror, as adults brawl just outside the third base bag, during a little league game in Florida.

What caused the brawl?

I don't know. Maybe one guy threatened the others family, or something.

In other words, maybe there was some kind of justification.

Oh, come on! Who am I trying to kid??! That's not what happened!

What likely happened was parents just acting like children.

Inconsistent strike zone...second basemen missed the tag on a close play...umpires missing a balk call. You know, all legitimate reasons to act like a complete donkey!

Kids just wanna play and have fun, and yet you have some adults thinking it's the seventh game of the World Series.

Nothing quite like adults getting so fired up at a little league game that it gets to the point of punches being thrown.

The catcher, just kind of staring down the line, and not moving, as if he can't believe what he's seeing, absolutely says it all.