The Ragin' Cajuns could have the best player in the country back sooner than expected. Lexie Elkins could be playing softball again in less than two weeks.

Louisiana's Head Coach Michael Lotief broke the news on Monday at his press conference, and he let everyone in on a behind-the-scenes story of Elkins' unbelievable power.

"I think we're going to pick her up again soon," Lotief said. Then he blew everyone's mind by sharing what Elkins did to pass the time with her injury, "She was out on the field hitting home runs, one-handed."

One-handed home runs? Is that even possible? Apparently so, if you're name is Lexie Elkins.

Even with Elkins out, the Cajuns continue to handle their business. Players like Shellie Landry, Kelsey Vincent, DJ Sanders and Aleah Craighton are shouldering the offensive load with ease, and the pitchers still get Elkins' influence.

As Lotief pointed out, Elkins didn't have to be behind the plate to keep impacting the game.

"She stayed involved. She's calling all the pitches," Lotief said. "She continues to interact with the pitchers."

She helped the pitchers, hit one-handed home runs and rehabbed her injury, while her sisters held down the fort. Now she's coming back to an already dangerous lineup, and the rest of the softball world has to deal with it.

When news of her thumb injury first broke, fans weren't sure if they would see Elkins until the postseason was well under way. It looks like she's beating the clock and crushing the calendar for her return, which honestly shouldn't surprise anyone. You don't become the #1 overall draft pick without insane work ethic. She attacked this injury like a pitch over the plate, with the same powerful results.

Think about it, in less than two weeks, Lexie Elkins will be sending softballs over the wall again and terrorizing pitchers. Sweet to the ears, right, Cajun Nation?

Excitement aside, can we all reflect on the impossibility of her one-handed home runs? We need video evidence of this, Lexie, and we need it now.