Everybody watched Les Miles say goodbye to LSU with a 19-7 victory, but then he came back from the dead in front of our eyes.

With the ESPN cameras in his face, Miles sang the alma mater with tears on the brink of breaking the surface tension of his hardened countenance. His players carried him on their shoulders, and their arms draped around him in appreciation when they took him down from his throne of bodies. It felt like a goodbye because it was...until it wasn't.

Nothing about this season made sense, but after watching this scene, Joe Alleva might have felt a change of heart.

It was a classic Les Miles performance for LSU. The defense was stifling, and the running game delivered body blow after body blow. Offensively, they settled for field goals, and it wasn't perfect, but it got the job done.

Miles' players stepped up for him. His best skills showed. Recruiting? Just look at what Leonard Fournette (32 carries, 159 yards, 1 TD) and Derrius Guice (170 total yards, 50 yard rushing TD) did. Another freshman, Donte Jackson, pulled off an acrobatic interception.

After the game, Joe Alleva said he was looking forward to the future with Les Miles. It almost felt unreal. Miles was gone, and we all said goodbye...then he came walking out to address the media with jokes.

With Guice and Fournette in the backfield, the future is bright. Now that we addressed the off the field drama, can we talk about the game?

The running game was grinding, but it was the defense, specifically the pass rush, that won the game. Arden Key was an absolute savage on the defensive line. The secondary played shutdown man-to-man coverage on top of it. The linebackers got in the backfield and created chaos. John Chavis was in the building, but his defense got outplayed.

It was like watching a man walk to the gallows, then seeing the rope get cut at the last second. The man with his neck on the line hardly believes it, but we all celebrate a serendipitous occurrence

Miles went on to say that there would be a massive overhaul on the offensive line, but there was a smile on his face the whole time.

The fan base, players and state of Louisiana came to bat for Les Miles, and it actually worked. Not even he believed it would actually happen, until his rabbit was out of the hat and running again.