Since the 2017 home season ended on Mothers' Day Weekend, a lot has changed at M. L. "Tigue" Moore Field at Russo Park.

This week we went into the ball park and had access throughout the stadium.  We thought we'd share some of the images with you.  If you are out of the area and haven't seen the park except maybe for a picture or two, we'll give you some info as we go.

A view of the third base entrance, which wasn't used at all during the 2017 season.

Entrance behind the ticket booth.  Many were not aware this even existed.  This is the Player Pass Entrance.  Parents and others on the list will enter here.

That VIP Entrance is where the elevator is which will take donors to the club level and the suite/press box level.  There are four benches outside the third base entrance for fans to wait for their friends or wait until the gates open.

Fans will be able to enter the merchandise/apparel store from the outside of the stadium, or from just inside.

One look at the "Ragin Cajun Store" from the inside.  Quite a bit more room than at the old place.

Folks who have come to the park know about the concession area.  But you'll now notice that TV monitors and speakers have been installed.  Counting the club and suite levels, there are 42 television monitors inside the stadium.

A view from the Supreme Rice Field Box Seats behind home plate.  Not only can you get a great view of the movement on Gunner Leger's changeup, these 200+ seats come with a wait staff that will get your concessions for you and you won't have to leave your seat.  You're on your own for the restroom, however.

Entrance to the Club Level on the second floor as you come off the elevator.  There are seats where you can "belly up" and enjoy a beverage while watching the action.

Here's a look at the main area of the club level.  The entire club level has a maximum capacity of 240 fans.

Another view of the club.  This gives you an idea of just how big it is.  There is a pantry area with food warmers.  Upscale concessions and beverages will be sold in the club.

In addition to the main concession area, there's another concession stand at the top of the grandstand next to the club level.  This is open to the public and will be very convenient for those who are in the upper part of the grandstand.  It is on the third base side.

This is the area on top of the third base bleachers.  See that area toward the front between the staircases?  Those will be loge boxes, a late addition to the project.  There will be permanent seats there and they'll be sold like the patio boxes down the left and right field lines.  The area behind is 27 feet deep.  There will be concession areas in this area on top of the bleachers, and there will be tables to enjoy your concessions.  Those tables will be behind the loge boxes and in front of the concession stands.  This will be a convenient perk for those who sit in the bleachers and the loge boxes will generate additional revenue.

Another look at the area where the loge boxes will be.  All told, there will be 86 seats above the first and third base bleachers.

If you have a loge box seat, here's an example of what your view will look like.

And, as you can see, the grandstand and the bleachers are now connected on both the first and third base sides.

Here's the view of the hallway at the suite level.  This level includes ten luxury suites, restrooms for men and women as well as a family restroom, the broadcast booths, the working press area and the audio and video electronics area.

Entrance to one of the luxury suites.

Here's your first look inside one of the suites.  But there's more.

As you can see, these two chairs are located near the entrance to the suite. On the right is a long counter with a sink, mini fridge and something really cool for beverages.

Pull out the drawer and here's something to keep your beverages cold.  Room for LOTS of drinks and ice.  And, when the ice melts, it just goes down the drain.

If you want to concentrate on the game, the opposite door of the suite opens and you're outside, where each suite has a dozen outside seats to take in the ball game.

And, here's the view.

Without getting into unnecessary detail, the bathrooms on the third level are spacious with very nice tile floors.

The media is also on the suite level.  There are three broadcast booths.  The largest, seen here, is the television booth.  The broadcasters will have plenty of room in the largest of the three booths.

All of the windows in the broadcast area of the press facility slide out of sight onto these tracks, seen above.  The tracks are in the corner of the TV booth.  Once the seven windows are on the tracks, it looks as though the booths have no windows at all.  This is state of the art stuff.

Each of the broadcast booths have beautiful granite counter tops.  And, there's a space behind them to drop all wires to the floor for electrical setup.  That way no holes have to be drilled into the counter tops, which is the case in most broadcast facilities.

The main press area is where the other print and electronic media will reside.  As you can see, it's spacious.  This booth is glassed in, except for the small windows at the top.  On the opposite wall is a work area with data ports to send stories, etc.

And, as you can tell, this room is still a work in progress.  This is where the scoreboard, video board and PA announcer will reside.  The sound and wiring in the ball park will be the most current state of the art available.  The ESPN folks will love coming here.  All they'll have to do is plug in their truck downstairs.  Everything else is wired and ready to go.  No cables to run.  The upgrade is a late addition to the project.

As you can see, there are still a few things to install.  Most of them have to do with electronics, with exception of the loge box seats, which should be in very soon.

We'll give you an updated tour when everything is complete.

Geaux Cajuns!