There are just two games remaining on Mark Ingram's suspension to start the 2018 season but he's not allowed to workout at the Saints facility while under suspension from the league.... Sounds like he could use a little bit of help, that's where the former coach at Alabama (where Ingram went to college) Lane Kiffin comes in. Captain Rat Poison to the rescue!

While Ingram is still serving his suspension, Kiffin has welcomed him down to Florida where he is currently the head coach at Florida Atlantic University. Here's what Kiffin had to say regarding Ingram coming to practice down at their facilities, "He wasn't allowed to practice with our team because of the new NCAA rules against that, but when we were done, we padded him up and put him through a workout, me and [FAU running backs coach] Kevin Smith," Kiffin told ESPN. "He got after it and wants to make sure he's ready to go and in football shape when he gets back with the Saints. It's the least I could do. We're both part of the Alabama family."

Ingram was a stud at Alabama and was the first player in the school's history to win the Heisman Trophy back in 2009 when he rushed for 1.658 yards and an astounding 20 touchdowns.

In a tweet Kiffin sent out Tuesday he seemed hyped up about the way Ingram looked, "He looks great!!! Look out when he hits the ground running!!"


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