Shellie Landry loves Ragin' Cajun Softball so much, she doesn't want to leave.

When Landry's time as a student-athlete expires at the end of this season, she will stay with the program as a graduate assistant. It will be the first step to pursuing a surely promising coaching career, and her Head Coach Michael Lotief isn't passing up on the opportunity to keep her on campus.

"Shellie wants to get into coaching. She's going to stay around next year and be a graduate assistant for us," Lotief said with a certain amount of satisfaction. "I'm not letting that kid go."

Landry represents everything Lotief wants in a Ragin' Cajun. It makes sense he's bringing her back to rub off on the future classes.

Her clutch gene is responsible for a couple wins this season, especially the eight run sixth inning to beat South Alabama. She's one of the sparks that starts the raging fire at Lamson Park, and you can already start to see the coaching bug itching at her.

She stepped in front of the microphone several times to speak for her team at press conferences, and she never fed the opponent billboard material. On top of understanding the game, she understands the extra miles that must be tread as a coach. Learning how to coach softball from Michael Lotief is like training in martial arts under Bruce Lee. To say the least, Landry is set up for success.

Who knows? Maybe Landry will be the Head Coach of the Ragin' Cajuns years down the line.

There are still a lot of games left in this season, and the Cajuns are scorching hot. Clearly, Landry's focus will be on helping her team reach the College World Series. It's just good to know that whenever her time is done as a player, she will still be helping the Cajuns reach Oklahoma City.