Lance Moore loves the New Orleans Saints so much, he couldn't stand playing for the Atlanta Falcons. This is why Who Dat Nation will always love Lance.

In truth, Moore didn't leave the Falcons out of animosity, but he only spent three days with the Dirty Birds before announcing his retirement. Moore caught over 4,000 yards and scored 38 TD's for New Orleans, so it's no surprise he couldn't stand Atlanta. The water probably burned his skin on contact.

Moore's time in New Orleans was filled with joy. He won a Super Bowl with the Saints. Fans knew whenever he scored, a dance routine was coming...and he had moves.

Smooth moves, Lance. He spent some time in Pittsburgh and Detroit, but he was too cool to stay in Atlanta. Another smooth move by Lance.

Moore also thanked the fans for their outpouring of emotions and thank you's, and he encouraged them to send him their favorite pictures on Twitter. He's been retweeting pictures and videos from fans all day, which is basically like signing an autograph upon his retirement. Class act from a classy guy. It would have been torture watching him catch passes from Matt Ryan. He couldn't retire as a Saint, but at least he didn't play a single snap for the enemy. New Orleans will never forget Lance Moore. When he comes to Mardi Gras, he deserves a tribute float. Invite him down and send him off in the right way. Can the Saints sign him to a one-day contract? It would only be right for him to make his official retirement in New Orleans... (P.S.-A Saints fan made the highlight tape we put at the end of this. We hope you enjoy the disclaimer at the beginning.)