The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame will induct Kevin Faulk as a legend in high school, a record breaker at LSU, and a Super Bowl Champion.

What is greater than the 13 year NFL career with over 7,000 total yards from scrimmage and 5,000 return yards? Greater than his 17 SEC records he set in his time at LSU? Greater than the folklore he created at Carencro High School as a young prep player? His love for Louisiana, which is why he came right back to where he started, Carencro High.

Faulk's football life came full circle. A man who blazed his way through the high school and collegiate game like a comet then paced his way through a long NFL career. He wanted to return to his home town to help teach some young men the lessons he learned along the way. Anybody that ever met Faulk would tell you it is always wise to listen when he speaks.

He didn't return for headlines or glorification. While he is a home town hero, he somehow still manages to be a down to Earth and accessible man. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even wear his Super Bowl ring to events because he doesn't want to distract conversation from whatever the cause or subject may be.

Louisiana courses through his veins. When he left his beloved state to go play professional football for the Patriots in Massachusetts, he always kept a piece of home close to him. Usually food.

You could fill an entire wing of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame with stories of Faulk's triumphs in the state. All he cares about is being honored by the state he tried to honor his entire life. He not only made the state proud, he returned to embrace it.

In the video below, Faulk talks about his life and explains why his induction matters so much. He uses one word for Louisiana: "Home."