Holy crap, Kevin Durant is signing with the Golden State Warriors. Can he do that? Are you even allowed to have two MVP's on the same team?

KD is joining forces with Steph Curry in Golden State. Good luck beating that, everybody else in the NBA.

His decision provided some serious fireworks on the Fourth of July, as he unveiled his decision in a piece called "My Next Chapter" on The Players' Tribune.

The primary mandate I had for myself in making this decision was to have it based on the potential for my growth as a player — as that has always steered me in the right direction. But I am also at a point in my life where it is of equal importance to find an opportunity that encourages my evolution as a man: moving out of my comfort zone to a new city and community which offers the greatest potential for my contribution and personal growth. With this in mind, I have decided that I am going to join the Golden State Warriors.

...and just like that, the entire landscape of the NBA changed. Game over.

The Warriors now have two league MVP's (KD & Steph), the NBA's Defender of the Year (Draymond Green), an Olympian (Klay Thompson), and an NBA Finals MVP (Andre Iguodala) coming off the bench. Not fair, guys. Not fair at all.

"Damn" is right, Dorrell. Everybody else's dreams of winning an NBA Championship just turned into a nightmare, even LeBron James.

Now, when LeBron's Cavs go up against the Warriors, he will have to worry about Durant dropping buckets all over his head, on top of the constant worry of Steph and Klay opening up the skies to start raining threes. Again, not fair. How do you even guard that?

Imagine trying to guard Durant, while Steph is running around trying to get open, with Klay lurking on the wings to hit shots, and Draymond as the glue guy. Shut it down.

Understandably, everybody in the Bay area is losing their mind.

Does this mean we all hand the NBA trophy to them right now? Of course not. As long as LeBron James is drawing breath on this Earth, his team has a shot at a title...but he's going to have to go through one of the most insane groupings of talent the league has ever seen.

Can it be basketball season already? I have no idea what Golden State's offense is going to look like, I just know it's going to be a thing of beauty.