Ohio State graduate transfer Joe Burrow will start at quarterback this Sunday for the LSU Tigers.

LSU released their depth chart this afternoon, and Burrow was listed atop the QBs.

"It was a very close decision," said coach Ed Orgeron at a press luncheon today. "In fact, it seesawed back and forth last week. Either quarterback could've won out. The grades were the deciding factor."

Orgeron did not name the starter to the press today, saying he wanted to let the players know first.

Sometime between noon and 2:45, Orgeron let junior Burrow know he would start, and sophomore quarterback Myles Brennan know he would be the backup.

With quarterbacks Justin McMillan and Lowell Narcisse transferring out of the program last week, walk-on Andre Sale is listed as the number 3 QB on the depth chart.

#25 LSU plays #8 Miami this Sunday night at 6:30 in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium.