Jets head coach Rex Ryan believes 34 year old Randy Moss can still make a significant impact at the wide receiver position. Moss played for the Patriots, Vikings, and Titans last season. Here is more from Vic Carucci and

Ryan has considerable knowledge of what Moss can do on the field. He has a great deal of familiarity with Moss from the past two seasons, when he coached against him three times in games against the Patriots and once after Moss joined the Vikings. What Ryan twice discovered -- once against New England and once against Minnesota -- was that Moss was still capable of beating each member of the NFL's most celebrated cornerback duo, Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, for a long touchdown.

The off-the-field headaches Moss can bring with his me-first attitude don't concern Ryan in the least. Ryan guides a Jets team with egos large enough to rival his own, and has shown in back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances during his first two seasons as a head coach that he doesn't allow such things to get in his way.

Even at 34, Moss has shown a propensity to play hard when playing on a winner. There is only one team in the NFL considered a "winner" that will take a chance on Moss next year and that's the Jets. While rumors swirl about a possible Moss and Patriots reunion, it's hard to imagine Bill Belichick taking Moss back less than a season after he traded him. According to multiple league sources, the interest between the Jets and Moss is mutual.