In sports, there are blowouts, and then there is what happened in Indianapolis last night. The Bloomington South High Panthers went on the road and defeated the Arlington Lady Knights by the score of 107-2. Read that one more time...107-2.

Needless to say, Arlington head coach Ebony Jackson wasn't very happy about the Panthers running up the score, telling the Indianapolis Star, “No it’s not OK but (Bloomington South coach Larry Winters) will have to live with that. If that’s how they want to carry themselves, that’s fine. I’m focused on me and mine and we’ll just keep going.”

Winters claims he was not attempting to run up the score.

Extreme high school blowouts in any sport is often the subject of debate. "Is it right?" and "Should there be a mercy rule?" are one side of thinking, while the other is "If you don't like someone running up the score, stop them?" My response to the last question (at least when it comes to high school athletics) is always the same. I'm sure the team on the wrong side of a lopsided score was trying to stop their opponent. It wasn't a lack of effort. It was a lack of talent.

What side of the argument do you take? Are you okay with a high school running up the score?