Okay, enough is enough.

Chances are, if you're an LSU fan, you were thrilled with the Tigers' 10-7 win over Ole Miss that knocked the Rebels out of the #3 spot in the polls.  Well, you should be.

But, as always, there's a group of LSU fans that aren't.

Those are the ones who think Les Miles is a terrible coach.  Those are the ones who think it was time for a change several years ago.  Those are the ones who say "been sayin' it for years, he's a plug."

I actually saw that, and more on Facebook.

And, sure enough, I saw this one after the game.  "We can't even score more than ten freaking points.  This guy is horrible.  He needs to go to Ann Arbor after this season."

With the win over Ole Miss on Saturday, Les Miles is now 102-26.

Let that sink in for a minute.  A hundred and freaking two.  That's an average of more than ten wins per season and there are still three more games to go this season.

The Tigers once again have an opportunity to win ten games this year.  For the sixth consecutive season and the eighth in ten years under Miles.  This team is 7-2 in what some radio analysts said was going to be a rebuilding year.

"I'm sick of looking at your stupid ass in purple and gold."

He's won a national championship...played for a second one...he's won eleven or more games FIVE times.

"I'm embarrassed that's our coach.  Hopefully he's gone after this year."

If you're embarrassed with 102-26, how did you feel about Curley Hallman.  Or Mike Archer...or Gerry DiNardo?

This one really make me laugh.  "These are the hard times for LSU."  Honest.  Someone typed that.

Now, understand, we're talking about a very vocal minority of fans.  And, most schools have them.  But those schools aren't in our backyard.  LSU is.

I have said it many times, I am not an LSU fan.  Don't root for them much.  Don't root against them much.  But Les Miles and these particular fans are making me smile when Les wins another one.  Because it shows  these people just how utterly stupid they are.

Les Miles isn't Superman.  He has done some curious things...especially when it comes to clock management.  I get that.  And, I'm not ignoring it.  But the guy is 102-26.  That's almost 80 percent.

"A freaking monkey could coach the talent you have."  Ummm. Let me ask....who brought in this talent.  Who recruited this talent.  Who closed the deal on this talent?

That's right.  Good ole "Elmer Fudd."

And this has been going on for a while now.  I remember when LSU was coming off their two worst seasons under Miles (17-9).  Some were screaming for his head two games into the following season...both LSU wins.  And the fans kept it up.  Win after win came and finally I asked one (one who was old enough to remember Hallman, et al, did they notice LSU's record.  You know what their response was?  Well, the Tigers are winning, but they need to go ahead and fire him after NEXT season.

NEXT season LSU played for the national championship.

Les Miles is a good man.  A moral man.  He is devoted to his family.  He is not Bobby Petrino.

I'm old enough to remember some other great years at LSU.  Archie Who?  Bert Jones against Ole Miss as time expired.  Great bowl wins too.  But Charlie McClendon couldn't beat Bear Bryant.  Fans criticized just about everything the winningest coach (in games won) in LSU history.  "GO AHEAD AND RUN OFF TACKLE, YOU SON OF A #$%^^&(*.

Finally, the fans succeeded in running McLendon off.  It was the last time LSU was truly consistent until Nick Saban, and now, Les Miles came along.

Miles is the winningest coach (percentage) in LSU history.  But the shadow of Nick Saban is with him, just as Bryant's was with Cholly Mac.  The wins?  They don't matter to these folks, a minority, but a very loud one.  And, as a result, he's an embarrassment.  He's coaching a team a freaking monkey could coach.  His ass looks stupid in purple and gold.

He's a plug.  He's Elmer Fudd.

What is that old saying, those do not learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them......I see a real parallel.

After the loudmouths got rid of McClendon, LSU wasn't a consistent winner for twenty years.  Be careful what you wish for.

The real LSU fans don't deserve to go through that again.

But it would serve the loudmouths right.