The Ragin’ Cajuns are done playing softball for the 2016 season, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of the memories.

Head Coach Mike Lotief took some time to look back on the year with his seniors, and he outlined how to adapt and build for the future.

He even touched on the difficulties of life in the Sun Belt Conference. It was an unexpected twist to his final press conference of the year, but his comments were seeded in some frustration. The Cajuns went into conference play with a top five RPI, and they emerged from the Sun Belt slate with a #14 seed in the NCAA Tournament. See why he would be upset with the numbers?

The majority of his time was devoted to praising his players, program and fan base. Lexie Elkins is already out crushing home runs, Shellie Landry will coach by his side, and the rest of the team will move into the next phase of their careers. He made sure to remind his departing seniors that Cajun Nation will never leave him, so go ahead and hear from the coach yourself.

Don't worry, we'll all be back in Lamson Park before you know it.