Chris Paul and the Hornets had a fantastic first quarter. Marco Belinelli played great off the bench. When it comes to positives for New Orleans Tuesday night, that's about it. Other than those two things, it was overall an embarrassing performance, as the Hornets fell to the Warriors 102-89.

Monty Williams played his bench the majority of the second half. In essence, throwing in the towel on a night his team played undisciplined and uncompliant. Paul had all 11 of his points in the first quarter, and the Hornets ran their half court motion offense to perfection. When the first quarter buzzer sounded, the Hornets led by 10.

From that point on, the Warriors had their way. Watching a team lose to Golden State is as frustrating as herding cats. Actually, I don't know how to herd cats, so maybe that's a poor comparison. Not as poor as the Hornets play in Oakland on Tuesday. In three games this year versus the Warriors, the Hornets lost two and won one. In their win, they shot a season high 63%, and ran their offense to perfection. They did not turn the ball over 15 times, and did not let the Warriors lull them into their style.

To be fair, Golden State is hot. They have won 6 of 8 games, with 5 of those wins coming against winning teams. However, to watch the first quarter discipline on the part of the Hornets seemingly evaporate for the next 36 minutes, is as frustrating as grocery story check writers. That one I can attest to.

 Monta Ellis scored 21 points and Dorell Wright added 16 for Golden State. David Lee also scored 16 points and Stephen Curry had 14 and eight assists.

Marco Belinelli and David West each had 15, while Jarrett Jack scored 11.

The final score reads 102-89 in favor of  the Warriors. Trust me, it was much worse. Now the Hornets have one more game tonight before the all-star break. Portland, winners of 5 straight, awaits New Orleans. The Hornets won at the Rose Garden against the Trail Blazers back in November. To duplicate that early season performance would be salubrious for New Orleans before they take a week off. Emeka Okafor should be back after the all-star break as well.