On Sunday during a game between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angles at Angels Stadium a historic at-bat took place.

Jaime Barria was on the mound starting for the Angels and in the very first inning he would get quite a workout in pitching to the Giants first baseman, Brandon Belt. A historic workout in fact, the at-bat lasted over 13 minutes and spanned a new Major League record, 21 pitches!

As you see, Barria would go on to win the duel against Belt by inducing a fly-ball to left field, FINALLY. However, this is one of the most underrated events that occur during a baseball game, making a pitcher work, a batter constantly fouling off pitch, after pitch, after pitch. A hitter vs. a pitcher is always a duel but this was one of epic proportions, the crowd was into it along with both benches as well.

The previous record you may be wondering was a 20 pitch battle between Bartolo Colon of the Cleveland Indians and Ricky Gutierrez of the Houston Astros.

There it is in all its glory, you can just tell how into it the fans were, how much fun both Colon and Gutierrez were having as well. Also, the broadcasters said it was 21 pitches but the official number of pitches in that at-bat was 20.


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