Which athletes come off the pine but get paid like elite starters? Quite a few actually.

Forbes.com released its annual list of the highest paid athletes in the world on Tuesday. Now, they've released the list of the best paid bench warmers in sports. Only two come from the NFL, while the other 8 pick up lofty paychecks in the MLB and NBA (one of which played for the Hornets last season). Click here to check out the top 10.

It's hard to argue with Gilbert Arenas (pictured left) being number one. The man made $19.3 million last year, was cut from Orlando, then averaged 12 minutes a game with Memphis. Does that sound like a man who should be paid just less than $20 million a year? Not so much. But hey, don't blame Agent Zero. If someone wanted to pay you that kind of money to work for 12 minutes a game, chances are you'd take it.