In front of their smiling Head Coach Michael Lotief, Ragin' Cajun Softball's Hayley Hayden and Shellie Landry spoke some calm truths about Oregon.

In the face of a lot of off the field adversity, Ragin' Cajun Softball is still in the conversation when it comes to top level competition in the collegiate softball world, sporting a 34-5 record. Their next challenge is possibly the best team in the sport, the Oregon Ducks.

First Team All-American Pitcher Cheridan Hawkins poses her own challenge, and the Ducks back it up with a potent offense.

If the Cajun spirit means anything, it's the ability to fight, scratch and claw your way through obstacles. Shellie Landry battled though a lot, on and off the field, to get to this point in her career. She doesn't fear the Ducks, and she thinks pitchers who want to pitch around Lexie Elkins (25 HRs) are making a mistake.

Landry, along with teammates like Kesley Vincent, Samantha Walsh and Aleah Craighton, make up an intimidating lineup to face from start to end. Some nonchalant softball fans, lacking familiarity with the Cajuns, would assume Oregon would assert their dominance. Here's food for thought:

The Cajuns swept Baylor in two games. They picked up a game in Tuscaloosa. What's stopping them from smashing a few softballs all the way across the country in Eugene?

Sophomore Hayley Hayden transitioned from the outfield to the infield, and her presence at 2nd and at the leadoff position in the lineup are essential to the Cajuns' success.

If you think she's calm on the field, you should see her in a press conference.

The trip to Eugene could pan out in many ways. A series win would send a loud and clear message to the collegiate softball world: the Cajuns are here to #FightLikeMike, which is something to reckon with.