To describe CBS college basketball announcer Gus Johnson's play-by-play as animated, enthusiastic, hyperactive, passionate, and feverish, would be an acceptible description. However, no amount of adjectives can paint a true picture of how excited Johnson gets when calling a game. Here is more from Nakia Hogan of the Times Picayune and

Johnson, 43, calls numerous sports for CBS and has made his name — rather loudly — as one of the most recognized play-by-play announcers. He has worked at CBS since 1996 and has been calling boxing matches for Showtime the past two years.

Johnson’s style has earned him the nickname of “Screamin’ Gus” by fans and critics.

But Johnson makes no apologies.

“It’s a very genuine thing, because I really like what these kids are doing out there on the floor,” he said. “And once you watch them and you get to know them, you kind of feel a part of it. And you want to delight in their excellence. And that’s what I try to do. These games, especially in the tournament, are time-capsule games.

As over the top as Johnson can get, I find that most people enjoy hearing Gus Johnson call a game. Many in his profession consider him one of the best. He is widely respected, and without question, original. I find that refreshing in today's age of sports broadcasting.