With a record of 14-27, the New Orleans Pelicans can't afford bad breaks. Eric Gordon's broken right finger (4-6 weeks) is about as bad of a break as you can get.

In last night's win over the T-Wolves, Gordon left the game after it appeared he jammed his finger on the ball. The result was much worse. The right ring finger required surgery the next morning. It's a bad blow at a even worse time.

Gordon hasn't exactly played at an All-Star level this year, but his offensive production (14.9 ppg) and three point shooting (2.5 three-pointers made per game) will be sorely missed. To raise the level of concern, the Pelicans only have one other shooting guard listed on the roster. It's Tyreke Evans, and he already plays heavy minutes.

Things start to get a little hairy when you think of Gordon's possible replacement.

For the next four to six weeks, it will be Alvin Gentry's job to come up with all new player rotations and hope to find some chemistry on an already struggling team. Gordon played the second most minutes per game (33.4), only behind Anthony Davis. Do the math, it's a massive void to fill.

Norris Cole should expect to see a lot more of the floor, but does that make you rest easily? This could possibly expedite the Pelicans' thought process when it comes to pulling the trigger on a trade this season. The team still clearly wanted to push for the playoffs, but that goal might be in jeopardy with this injury.

Say what you want about Gordon living up to his fat contract, but he was a major piece for the Pelicans this season. They will be without him for the next 12 to 17 games, and it's up to them to figure it out or start gassing up the tank for the NBA Draft.