Going into the NFC and AFC  championship games this weekend,  I was underwhelmed.

Atlanta and San Francisco.  The two teams in the NFL I dislike the most.  And, many Saints fans would agree with me.  The oldest, closest and most bitter rival vs. the team that kept the Saints from achieving great things when they were in the same division and, as Kevin Foote would say, cheated to do it.

I said two things on the radio last week about the game.  One, I hoped both teams would lose.  Two, I would not watch the game.

Then on the other side, you had New England and Baltimore.  Now, at one time I rooted for the Patriots.  But with Spygate Sourpuss Belichick as their head coach, it’s really hard to root for that  team.  At least it is for me.  And the Ravens?  I mean, it’s hard for me to care.  I cared when Brandon Stokley played there but that was a long time ago.  I’ve not bought in to the Ray Lewis retirement lovefest and Joe Flacco is as exciting to me as, well, Trent Dilfer.

So, I went into the games yesterday pretty ambivalent, at least as a fan.

And as it turned out, I saw no football yesterday.

Because of flight delays, the only football I saw was changing gates at the Atlanta airport.  I looked at it long enough to see the Falcons were ahead 24-14.  And, I threw up in my mouth a little.  Falcons in the Super Bowl.  No bueno.

Then, after landing I saw the 49ers won.  Marginally better.  Like, paper thin marginally better.

When I got back to town I spent some time with a friend and we didn’t turn on the TV.  I found out the Ravens won after looking at an app.

So here we are.  The Who Gives A Rats Behind at Least as Far as Jay is Concerned Game.

And, not only do I hate one team (SF) and not care about the other (Baltimore), I now have to be subjected to two solid weeks of every talking head in America calling it the Harbaugh Bowl.  Trust me, by the time this one is over, no one is going to want to hear that name.

Now, everyone watches the last game of the year.  I mean, unless they hate football.  And, I’m sure I’ll watch the game as well.

But, I’m telling you, the commercials better be good.

Because that’s what I’m caring about the most.