It's one thing to have grammatical errors in an article. It's entirely another thing to have grammatical errors on a "Wall of Fame" plaque.

Barry Bonds was honored by the San Francisco Giants on Saturday, becoming the 49th former player in franchise history to earn a spot on the team's "Wall of Fame".

Each "Wall of Fame" member is commemorated with a plaque. Unfortunately for the Giants, they don't have an editor to make sure the plaque makers get it right.


In case you can't read the small print from the photo, it reads, "Son of Bobby Bonds became greatest slugger in Major League history, breaking All-Time record for Home Runs, Career (762) and Home Runs, Season (73) in 2001. Legendary left-fielder led NL in Batting (.370) in 2002 (.362). He set ML record for Walk, Career (2,558) and intentional walks, career (688) and individual season (120)."

In case you can't spot the mistake, it's italicized.

It should read, “led NL in batting in 2002  (.370) and 2004 (.362)”. Instead, the Giants left out out one season all together.