Tre'Maine Lightfoot is a monster at linebacker for the Ragin' Cajuns, and his story helps explain where his heart and determination comes from.

As a teenager, Lightfoot moved in with his grandmother, and they lived in a rough part of town. It taught Tre'Maine some tough lessons, but he walked away from it with thinker skin and a fighter's mentality.

"It brought another side out of me. I had to learn how to defend myself, how to protect myself," Lightfoot said. "From that, it made me into the person I am today, it made me into the football player and basketball player I was. I had that physicality in my mind."

Before his move, things were a bit different. His first football memory comes from his Pop Warner days.

He and his friends put the pads on, but they didn't quite know how to use them yet.

"We couldn't tackle each other. We were all running into each other," Lightfoot joked. "We were running each other over. We couldn't tackle to save our lives, that's all I can remember."

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