Sean Payton and Drew Brees want Saints fans to bring the noise on Sunday. On more than one occasion this week, Payton and Brees reached out through the media to the who dat nation.

"I think we can be louder," Payton said. "I thought with Seattle it was OK, but I know that it can be a lot louder in there. We're in that stretch of the season where it needs to be louder."

Brees, meanwhile, wants to add a wrinkle to the pregame "Who Dat" chant he orchestrated earlier this year. Brees suggested that after the coin toss, the Superdome should go silent until they get the signal from the honorary captain to begin the "Who Dat" chant.

Brees said he wants to be able to hear a "pin drop" before the chant, which he hopes will increase the impact.

You can read all of Mike Triplett's article from the Times Picayune by clicking the link above. I love Brees' idea of the dome going silent before the unified "WHO DAT" chant. I don't know how realistic it is, but the pre kickoff  "WHO DAT" chant has been a great success, and will be a tradition for years to come. Anytning that could make it better is just lagniappe.