It was billed as the "Game of the Century."

LSU/Alabama.  #1 vs. #2 in all the polls and in the BCS Standings.

And, it was a tight one.

Now, before I go any farther I must say that it might have been the two best defenses playing one against the other that I've ever seen.

Those were some men out there.

But the game also pointed out how pedestrian the two offenses are.  Not a lot of explosion there.

I watched it and kind of got bored.  But everyone needs to understand I had just come back from the most exciting game in Cajun Field memory.  It would have taken something really, really special to equal it.

Instead it was special, but not really, really special.

Not for me.

I really didn't care who won.  I was more interested from the news story standpoint.  LSU was better on special teams and they got a couple of turnovers.  Therefore they won.  And, they are to be congratulated.  Many folks thought they couldn't get it done in Tuscaloosa.

And, immediately after the game, talk immediately sprang forward about a rematch.

I'll pass.

First of all, before a rematch can happen, some folks have to lose.  Oklahoma State has a potential land mine this week in Lubbock, where the Cowboys have won only once since 1947.  And, there's still the Bedlam game against Oklahoma before OSU can say they're headed to New Orleans.

Then there's Stanford.  Currently ranked behind Alabama in the BCS Standings, the Cardinal will probably move past the Tide if they take care of Oregon this weekend.  They'd still have get through the rest of the season unbeaten and win the Pac-12 championship game, but if they win out and OSU loses, they'll probably be in New Orleans.

Boise State?  Well, hell, no one wants to see them there, right?  If Boise made it to the championship, they'd get slaughtered.  Frankly I'm tired of hearing all of that "Boise is unworthy" talk.

Because, this year, they would be more worthy than Alabama.

I dropped Alabama to #5 in my Harris Poll vote this week, behind the four unbeatens (sorry, Houston, you don't qualify this year).  I felt that was fair.  And, for me, anyway, the only way the Tide gets to #2 is if they win out and three other teams lose.

Now, let's get back to that "more worthy" statement.

Boise State has a win over a team that controls its destiny in the SEC East, a team that LSU just might have to beat in order to get to New Orleans.  Yeah, I know, they don't play seven big boys a year.  It isn't their fault.  First, they aren't in an AQ conference, and second, no one wants to play them, not even at home.

And, the reason is simple.  Their fans would think it's a disgrace to lose to Boise State and that's another example of the stupidity of fans.

No.  Boise is much more worthy to play LSU (if the Tigers take care of business) than Alabama is.

Because Alabama has already tried and failed.

We don't have a playoff in college football.  And, because of that, you get one chance.

Alabama had theirs.

There are many, and I won't sit and argue with them, who believe LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country.  In fact, they might be more convinced than ever after seeing Saturday night's game.

But we don't KNOW that.

What we have is an opinion.

I would think LSU would be favored against anyone.  And, it's very possible that LSU would beat any of the other three teams worse than they beat Alabama.

But again, we don't know that.  We think that.

Here's what we know.

LSU has beaten Alabama.

Time for someone else to have a shot.

Yes, even Boise State.