If you look at the box score from last night's Louisiana victory, 6-3 over Arkansas-Little Rock, you'll see that the Cajuns got eleven hits.  You'll see that Matt Goulas had a big night, with three hits, two runs scored and two driven in. 

You'll see eight of the nine players getting at least one safety in the contest.

You'll see that Taylor Hubbell settled down after a rocky start and, once again, gave the Cajuns a chance to win, allowing three runs in six innings, but none after the third.  You'll see that Joey Satriano issued three walks, but allowed only one hit in his three innings of work for his fourth win of the year.

You'll see the Cajuns had to come from behind, and they did, getting a run in the seventh and three in the eighth to get a win they had to have.

What you won't see in the box score is the biggest contribution of the game.  And, it came from the one player in the Cajuns' lineup that went hitless.

In the seventh with one out, reliever Garrett Graziano walked Matt Goulas.  The Cajuns decided to play hit and run and with Goulas on the move, Jordan Bourque hit a grounder right over the first base bag.  Third base coach Anthony Babineaux waved Goulas around third.

The on deck hitter, Trask Switzenberg, positioned himself where Goulas could see him.  Switzenberg noted that the throw was coming home and there would be a play at the plate.  Switzenberg not only gave Goulas the signal to "get down,"  he also waved his arms to his left, telling Goulas to slide to the outside of home plate.  The throw reached catcher Nick Rountree in time, but when he went to tag Goulas, all that was available was Goulas' hand.  And, by the time he tagged it, it had brushed home plate to tie the game.

The Cajuns took the momentum from that play and added three runs in the eighth to get that 6-3 win.

But without the proper direction, there may have been more than a hand for Rountree to tag.  Goulas would have been out at the plate and who knows would have happened after that.

Coach Tony Robichaux preaches pitching, defense and timely hitting.  But he also preaches attention to detail. 

Switzenberg paid attention.  And because of his play, the Cajuns are 1-0 heading into Saturday's game

Pregame 2:35, first pitch 3:05 on 96.5 KPEL.