The New Orleans Saints are in need of another complimentary wide receiver, perhaps a wily veteran to help on third downs?

There was a rumor floating around today that the team was in fact meeting with a veteran wide-out in the near future in, Eric Decker. However, that news seemed to be of the fake variety, according to the head man in Nola, Sean Payton.

The news was first reported by Nicki Jhabvala, NFL/Denver Broncos writer for The Denver Post. Seemed legit, based on the fact that Decker used to play for the Broncos and maybe someone who was still close to him knew his travel plans.

Apparently, no one told Saints head coach Sean Payton, the man who's privy to things going on inside his house. As he responded swiftly with a concise response:

There ya go coach, just letting the people know what's going on, as Jhabvala back peddled by saying:

Payton was cool with the mistake but had one piece of grammatical advice for her on his way out:

So, apparently Eric Decker is not flying to go and visit the New Orleans Saints and in fact it looks like he's actually headed to visit with the Oakland Raiders.

Moral of this story? Always trust Schefty.

After this interact, Jhabvala had an appropriate response to having a bad source and getting publicly shot down by Sean Payton:

Sometimes, no really all of the time, Twitter can be fun for these type of interactions, darn sources...


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