Open up your arms and welcome four new members into the family, Ragin' Cajun Nation. Garry Brodhead has four more young women coming to play ball.

Coach Brodhead continues to build the Ragin' Cajuns Women's Basketball team from the ground up. The seeds he planted in the youth basketball community continue to grow, and he is even bringing in talent from out of state.

One of the local products for next year's signing class is Tyreonna Doucet, from Ville Platte High School. Coach Brodhead knew her as a young girl, now he gets to coach her as she reaches young adulthood.

“We have been recruiting Ty Doucet since the eighth grade,” Brodhead said. “We saw the potential in her back then and she is just a rebounding machine. She can guard and she can score. That was one of the things that impressed me about her.”

Doucet averaged a double-double and five blocks as a junior, and she's a monster in the paint.

The next pair of commits were a package deal. Not only did they come to Brodhead together, they came into this world together.

Brianna and Kianna Suber are twins from Bryan, Texas. They averaged 32 points per game collectively in high school, and clearly, they share an innate chemistry that can't be manufactured in practice. Coach Brodhead would be glad to get one of them, let alone both Subers.

“I think we signed some really quality players as well as quality student-athletes,” Brodhead said. “We were looking to fill in for some scoring and you have Brianna and Kianna Suber that can just score at will.”

Kia Wilridge and Keke Veal almost played like sisters in the backcourt, but the Subers bring a literal interpretation to that connection. They should be a big part of what the Cajun want to do moving forward, and they should be fun to watch.

Brodhead's last signing might possibly be his best. The Ragin' Cajuns system awards aggressive guards with a knack for scoring, and that's Skyler Goodwin.

Goodwin comes from Parkview Baptist, where she averaged 25 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. Her stat line is scarily similar to what Wilridge, who is a graduate assistant for Brodhead, brought to the table.

“She is another guard, but she is more of an outside threat. She is a three-point shooter, a penetrator and can really defend," Brodhead explained. "I think those three guards fit our system really well."

The Ragin' Cajuns continue to get better on the court, but they keep improving. With this signing class. Brodhead's team takes another step forward.