Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper pleads guilty to 3 Louisiana rape charges, ending a 4 state plea deal on a number of heinous crimes revolving around rape.

Sharper, 39, plead guilty today of two counts of forcible rape and one count of simple rape in two separate attacks involving three different women, who were spiked with date rape drugs by Sharper back in 2013 before being raped by him.

The serial sex offender's plea this morning is the final piece of his plea agreement across 4 states (Louisiana, Arizona, Nevada, California) in which Sharper is guilty of sexually assaulting 9 women. Part of his agreement is to cooperate in the prosecution of two co-defendants in Louisiana who are facing similar charges.

Over the last three months, Sharper has been convicted five times for charges related to date-rape.

His plea deal, which can be read here, forces Sharper to only serve 9 years in prison, being credited for one year served already. However, the sentencing date will not take place until August 21rst.

Sharper played 14 years in the NFL, including his final 2 years with the New Orleans Saints. He served as the starting free safety for the 2009 Super Bowl team.