Former Ragin' Cajun P Carson Baranik said thank you to the Los Angeles Dodgers today, marking an end to their time together.

The former Saturday starter helped the Ragin' Cajuns reach an incredible 58 wins in 2014, collecting 11 of his own. After spending one year playing for Tony Robichaux, he was selected in the 33rd Round of the MLB Draft by the Dodgers. Late round picks have a steep hill to climb, and Baranik did well in his short time with the organization. In 28.1 IP, he kept his ERA at an impressive 2.86 clip. Unfortunately, the two parties couldn't find a way to make things work.

Whatever it was that brought Baranik's time with the Dodgers to an end might have been enough to change his journey, but it doesn't mean there isn't still great success somewhere down that path. It just won't be with the Dodgers.