The Cajuns are a double digit underdog this week.  But it's not like this game isn't winnable.  Obviously the Cajuns have to play a lot better than they have the last two weeks, but this is a game they can win, if they......

1. RUN THE DAMN BALL--- and keep running it.  The coaches have been criticized for getting away from the running game too early the last two games, and I think that criticism is warranted, especially against North Texas.  ULM has been good against the run all year, and they're 4-0 when holding the opposition under 100 yards.  Even if it's not working early, keep running it.

2.  SHORTEN THE GAME--The best way to contain Kolton Browning is to keep him off the field.  Time consuming drives (see point #1) and playing deliberately gives Browning fewer possessions and fewer chances to do his thing.  Now, I'm not necessarily saying the Cajuns should go into a huddle before every play...but, in this game, having a time of possession advantage can be a good thing.

3.  ONE-TWO-THROW--It's been well documented that Terrance Broadway has taken a bit too long to get through his progressions and that's resulted in pressure and sacks.  Well, if he does that against this team, game over.  They're going to bring people and Broadway is going to get hit.  He has to make sure the ball is already gone when that happens.

4.  PLAY TAKE AWAY ALONG WITH KEEP AWAY--We've talked a lot about the Cajuns' seven turnovers the last two games but not nearly enough about the fact the defense hasn't created any turnovers the last two games.  If that happens again, the Cajuns can't win.  The Cajuns probably need to be on the plus side of the turnover battle and that means if the Cajuns turn it over twice, the defense needs three or more.  The Cajuns D may not be good enough to stop Browning and the Warhawks' offense...therefore they need to take the ball away.

5.  GIVE YOUR SPECIAL TEAMS A CHANCE TO WIN IT--As always, the Cajuns have a special teams advantage, but especially this week.  ULM might have had the worst kicking game in America a year ago.  They're improved...but they still aren't good.  However, a special teams advantage doesn't mean much if you're down three scores.  The Cajuns have to keep this one close and give the kicking game a chance to show its superiority.

Have a safe trip up North.  If you're not making it to the game, check it out on the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Radio Network.  Local pregame at 1:00.  Network pregame at 2:00.  And, if you're at the game and want to listen, check out our Monroe affiliate KRJO-1680 AM.