Last week, Louisiana dropped a 40-33 decision to Kentucky, while Northwestern State lost their season opener to Southeastern, 34-20.  The two teams meet Saturday in the 15th annual Herbert Heymann Football Classic at Cajun Field.  Kickoff is at 6pm.

Here are some things to look for if the Cajuns are going to get into the win column.

1.  GIVE HAACK HELP--Fact of the matter is, the Cajuns' signal caller didn't get very much in the game last week.  He had a drop on what could have been a touchdown, saw a drive end with a fumble inside the ten and then had to settle for three points when the Cajuns had a false start and then a sack from the one yard line.  He needs to get better help from his teammates than that. The Cajuns running game will hopefully open some things up for him that he didn't have last week.

2.  NIXON'S THE ONE--Northwestern State allowed over 400 yards rushing last week.  When Nixon is in the game, he and whoever his backfield teammate is at the time (McGuire, Pierce) have a good chance to get things done.

3.  GET MORE PHYSICAL UP FRONT--Specifically, on defense.  The line didn't record a sack, a TFL or a quarterback hurry last week.  They're going up against a very experienced offensive line.  They have to be the more physical team and put up better numbers than they did a week ago.

4.  DON'T MAKE IT EASY FOR EDDIE--Ed Eagan is a very very good football player.  He'll return punts.  He'll return kicks.  He'll catch passes.  He might even run it some.  The Cajuns must know where he is at all times and they have to be better in kick coverage this week.  This guy is very capable of hurting the Cajuns.

5.  MAKE THE QUARTERBACKS MISERABLE---The Demons played three last week and none were great.  Their third guy, Joel Blumenthal, had 103 yards and a TD on five attempts, but he also threw a pick.  Don't be surprised if the Cajuns send some folks (Hello, Mr. Tovell) to try to force whoever is taking the snaps into some mistakes.

The Cajuns will have next week off.  A good performance will mean a really good mindset as they prepare for Akron on September 26.