Seven in a row.

That's where the winning streak stands for Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns as they prepare for their trip to Atlanta to take on Georgia State.  A win will match the longest winning streak for the Cajuns since Gerald Ford was President.  But before we honor that gentleman, gotta take care of business first.  The Panthers are winless on the season, but you still have to go out and play.  Here are the things to look for in order to make it eight in a row.

1.  LEARN YOUR LESSON - If there's anything the Cajuns should have learned from the New Mexico State game, it's to be ready.  The other guys are also on scholarship.  Georgia State hasn't won a game this year, but this Panthers' team has gotten better as the year has gone along.  Look at the games vs. Troy and Texas State for an example.

2.  MIX UP THE RUNNING GAME - One strength of this team has been the contrast between running backs Alonzo Harris and Elijah McGuire.  This would be a good game to exploit that contrast by perhaps getting McGuire a few more touches this week.  If he gets untracked, things will be easier for the Cajuns this week.  A LOT easier.

3.  RESPECT MR. WILSON - Dennis the Menace may have had trouble doing that, but the Cajuns need to make sure they understand that Albert Wilson is one of the Sun Belt's best and most talented receivers.  Wilson has nearly 1,000 yards receiving and has scored six times.  Cover him like a blanket and make someone else beat you.

4.  MAKE ROSE ONE DIMENSIONAL - Their quarterback isn't very big, but he's got some athleticism and is a threat to run.  If the Cajuns can contain and keep him in the pocket, things are going to be a whole lot easier for the Cajuns' defense.

5.  MAKE THE DOME YOUR HOME - The Cajuns kind of like the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Might as well go into game with the attitude of "we always win in domed stadiums"...and then make it so.