The list gets longer and the games get more intriguing.

Welcome to October in College Football.

Who gets a leg up in the MAC East?  How will the Tide react as an underdog?  Have they imported a pinball machine to keep score in Waco?  Will the earth shake in the "other" Death Valley?  The Eagles are favored by how much?  And, will a guy named Joaquin be the biggest winner of all?

Here's what's intriguing me this weekend

OHIO (3-1) at AKRON (2-2) (+2.5)  1pm, ESPN 3 -- The Bobcats turned a head or two when they held a potent Marshall offense to just ten points and are probably kicking themselves over last week's loss to Minnesota.  But they need to put that one behind them as they head to Akron.  We know what the Zips did to Louisiana last week and they've got to have tons of confidence heading into this week.  There are many who feel this could be for the MAC East title.  Ohio is used to being there.  Akron is not.  Let's see if the Zips are ready.  Akson has played two home games in rainy conditions.  Guess what?  Yep.  60%.

ALABAMA (3-1, 0-1) at GEORGIA (4-0, 2-0) (-2) 2:30pm CBS -- Hey everyone...Nick is an underdog.  Ever since before the season started I was curious to see just how good the Tide would be.  We know Alabama can play defense, but can they manage to sustain drives and not turn the football over against a good team?  Georgia's Nick Chubb will test the Alabama run defense.  Keep an eye on that Joaquin guy.  There's a 60% chance of rain in Athens.

TEXAS TECH (3-1, 0-1) at BAYLOR (3-0. 0-0) (-17)  2:30 ABC --  It's not a surprise Baylor is a big favorite at home.  What makes this compelling isn't the point spread, but rather the point total.  Wednesday night the over/under at some Vegas books was up to 90 which is a new high.  I expect that will come down a bit as action goes on the under, but one thing is certain.  Points will be scored.  A lot of them. BTW, in all of Baylor's games, those who bet the over cashed in.

NORTH TEXAS (0-3, 0-1) at SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI (2-2) (0-0) (-16) FOX College Sports.-- In the grand scheme of things, this game probably doesn't mean that much, but when was the last time Southern Miss was favored by sixteen points?  The Golden Eagles have scored over 50 points twice and put 28 on Nebraska last week in a loss.  The used-to-be Eagles are averaging just under 18 points per game in their first three, which makes the 66.5 over/under pretty interesting.

NOTRE DAME (4-0) at CLEMSON (3-0, 1-0) (PK) 7pm ABC -- So, what's up Joaquin?  Just like the game in Athens, that system could have something to say about this huge game being played in (the other) Death Valley.  Notre Dame has lost players but has kept on winning and so far they're one of the better stories in college football.  Can Clemson take care of their home business?  And, who benefits from bad weather?

Maybe Joaquin will stay away long enough for games in Athens, Clemson and others to be decided on the field without weather interference.  But you can bet anyone in the Carolinas or Georgia will be keeping a keen eye on the weather forecast.