When Isiah Thomas was hired by FIU 3 years ago, he was introduced by Modesto Madique (University President) as "Isiah Thompson." The embarrassment began that day and never really ended. Thomas never won more than 11 games in a season, and finished last year's campaign with an 8-21 record. Isiah was fired today by the University.

Pete Garcia, FIU's director of sports and entertainment, was glowing back in 2009 the day his Panthers hired Thomas. His hiring did seem to surprise the sports world and the Sun Belt Conference.

"No one thought we could pull this off," said Garcia when the hiring took place.

Not too many college basketball pundits thought Thomas would coach FIU to a winning season either.

Garcia's announcement today stated the following:

''We want to thank Isiah Thomas for his three years here at FIU. However, we have decided to take the program in a different direction.''

The statement is reminiscent of Thomas' time at FIU. Short, quiet, and forgettable.