Wow, I can't believe it's been one year since I've moved down here to the boot, and we're in year two of football season in the south. This can only mean one thing, it's my favorite day (other than gameday) of the fantasy football week, waiver wire Tuesday!

Another year another fantasy team you may not know exactly what you're doing here with this lineup but you know that after the draft and week one you find yourself wanting more of this magical world that is fantasy football. If you're not new to the game, well, welcome back, glad you're here with us. Just bear with me while I do a little educating for the new guys and girls in the room.

You may be thinking, okay I've drafted, I've got through week one, win or lose, what do I do now? Allow me to try to help and explain.

The draft is where you build a foundation but the waiver wire is where your season can truly be won or lost. So please, add wisely. You don't always have to use your waiver wire claim. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to not use it, build your way up the waiver claim list, and claim a true difference maker in the later stages of the season, that's something I had to learn the hard way.

However, in the sport of football, there's a 100% injury rate. There's no getting around it, it's not if injuries will occur but when they'll occur, not to every player but to some. Big name players are bitten by the injury bug on a weekly basis. For example, we had a scare with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers with a knee injury that we're still not sure exactly what his status is going forward. Carolina Panthers stud pass-catching tight end Greg Olson left Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys with a fractured foot, the same foot he missed time with the last season. Then, there's number one WR for the Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin with a sprained MCL.... So, there are definitely some needs out there for a couple of your teams.

Then, you've got the guys who just burst onto the scene in week one, showcasing the talents they possess that you could only dream of possessing. These guys are going to make an impact no matter who's on the field for their team.

The choice is yours and yours alone. Choose wisely, my friends.

Running Backs:

TJ Yeldon (JAX, Owned: 8% of ESPN Leagues)

Talk about a blast from the past, do you remember just a couple years ago when Yeldon was supposed to be "the guy" for the Jags? I do and it didn't go as planned. Despite that, he's hung around in Jacksonville and had himself a really good offseason ready to backup one of the best young running backs in the game in former LSU standout, Leonard Fournette. However, you remember that thing a couple paragraphs back that I said about injuries occurring? Yeah, this is one of those cases where Fournette injured his hamstring week one against the New York Giants and Yeldon came in and did a bang-up job. Most close to the situation, including head coach Doug Marrone are optimistic that he'll play this week against the New England Patriots. Even if Leonard does play hamstrings can be a tricky mistress and it's a great idea to roster Yeldon just in case.

Austin Ekeler (LAC, Owned in 11% of Leagues)

Sometimes there's a role for two running backs in one offense and clearly the Chargers like what they have behind their stud running back Melvin Gordon in a kid named, Austin Ekeler. He showed out during the preseason and continued to impress in the regular season debut with five carries for 39 yards and here's where he can be dangerous especially in PPR (points per reception) leagues, he caught all five of his targets for 87 yards and a touchdown. Now, I'm not saying you should expect that type of performance on a weekly basis from young Ekeler but it would be a good idea to roster him if you have Gordon or if the person in your league who has Gordon doesn't just in case he goes down with an injury. As I say, stay ahead of the curve and you'll never have to play catch up.

Phillip Lindsay (DEN, Owned in 2% of Leagues)

Who!? My thoughts exactly, this cat came out of nowhere to out-touch all the other Denver Broncos running backs in week one. This rookie from Colorado wasn't expected to have a sizeable roll in this offense but they seem to like him more than Devontae Booker who received only four touches compared to Lindsay's 17. Royce Freeman owners don't fret, he should continue to see a solid workload, he had 15 carries for 71 yards but wasn't a factor in the passing game, that's where little Phillip comes in to generate a nice "Thunder and Lightning" combo in the Broncos backfield. Roster Lindsay in PPR formatted leagues especially or at the very least for depth purposes.

Wide Receiver:

Ryan Grant (IND, Owned in 10% of Leagues)

The Indianapolis Colts defense is not a good one and in turn, it seems like the weight will once again be back on the shoulder of quarterback Andrew Luck to throw the football. This should net a good amount of looks per game for wideout Ryan Grant who saw nine targets against the Cinncinatti Bengals in week one. He was able to haul in eight of those targets for only 59 yards but if you're in a PPR league you should have netted double-digit points this week from Grant. He was the underneath safety valve if you will for Luck last week and could be a guy who continues to see the production with T.Y. Hilton being double covered.

Tight End:

George Kittle (SF, Owned in 37% of Leagues)

The San Francisco 49ers offense didn't fare great against the Minnesota Vikings in week one and gave Jimmy Garapolo some troubles. However, one connection that was solid was Garapolo to George Kittle. Jimmy G connected on 15 passes on Sunday and five of them went to his big tight end, the two would have hooked up for a big score if only Kittle was able to hang on to the ball.... There's plenty of upsides here for this athletic pass-catching tight end with the wide receivers not being all that prolific in San Fran.

Best of luck in week two!


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