Your first week back with a full complement of players available to you, how did it feel? Did it go as well as you were hoping? Did you make a couple line-ups gaffe's? Or did you score a ton of points, second most that week and you should be feeling great about yourself, only you were playing the team who scored the most points....

Yes, if you couldn't tell that was my conundrum this past week. It's a very frustrating position to be in, especially in a league where you're having an up and down year and the loss eliminated you from the playoffs.

These sort of things happen, all you can do is push forward and try to continue to make good lineup decisions and make smart additions from the waiver wire.

With that, that is exactly what we're going to try to help you do here today, make those smart waiver wire additions.

Running Backs:

Rex Burkhead (NE, 44% Owned in ESPN Leagues)

The New England Patriots running back group is usually a tough nut to crack but this year we've seemed to have a nut cracker. Mike Gillislee is a thing of the past and Rex Burkhead has been picking up his workload. A week ago he was benched for a fumble but this week he came back with a solid performance, 13 carries, 50 yards, and a touchdown. Burkhead and Dion Lewis are the go-to backs right now for New England, if you're in need of some depth at running back look no further than Rex Burkhead.

Austin Ekeler (LAC, 25% Owned)

Didn't you hear, it's cuffing season!? As in, make sure you're grabbing your very important stud running backs, back-up just in case they sustain an injury aka hand-cuffing. This is a perfect example of a player, Austin Ekeler, you need to grab off your leagues waiver wire if you own Melvin Gordon. God forbid anything were to happen to precious Melvin, you'd be able to insert an effective backup plan right away. We've seen Ekeler be effective even with limited touches, so one can fathom that he would do just fine if given the lead running back role.

Jacquizz Rodgers (TB, 6% Owned)

If you're looking for a potential ready to play model off a waiver wire add, then take a look at Jacquizz Rodgers. Tampa Bay's leading rusher, Doug Martin sustained a concussion on Sunday and with that Rodgers saw his biggest workload since Week 4, the final week of Martin's suspension. We all know concussions can be a tricky thing to deal with and predict for that matter. If you're looking for potential immediate help at running back, might be worth taking a flyer on Jacquizz this week.

Wide Receivers:

Paul Richardson (SEA, 37% Owned)

Despite the lack of a running game the Seattle offense seems to be flowing a little bit better of late and the big play ability of Paul Richardson is always a help. Richardson hasn't GONE OFF since Week 8 at home against Houston but consider this, Richardson has hauled in 4 or more passes in two straight games and in that time has been targeted more than Doug Baldwin. It seems as though quarterback Russell Wilson is beginning to really utilize his big play weapon on the outside a little bit more of late.

Josh Gordon (CLE, 35% Owned)

Wow, this name hasn't been relevant in about four years but now it seems like Cleveland has nothing to lose at 0-11 by getting Josh Gordon back. We've certainly seen his talent flash but he constantly let down fantasy owners over the years with his off the field problems. Well, he's finally going to be suiting up on Sunday for the Browns and Head Coach Hue Jackson said that they're going to use him as much as possible. Now, it'd be silly to expect a full workload in his first game action in a few years but at the very least he's got to be fresh, right? I feel as though I need to see him perform before I'm ready to stick him in my lineup, but he could be a useful weapon down the stretch for you heading into the playoffs. That is, as long as he can stay on the field.

Zay Jones (BUF, 11% Owned)

The Buffalo Bills have been an interesting team to say the least this year. Start the season 5-2, acquire Kelvin Benjamin, proceed to lose the next three games, and then beat the Kansas City Chiefs AT Arrowhead! No one circles the wagons, as they say... However, Benjamin has a torn meniscus in his knee but is considered day-to-day and last week, rookie Zay Jones got a heavy workload. Jones garnered a ton of looks from starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor, ten in total, but was only able to haul in three of those targets. He was able to turn one into a touchdown which saved his day for fantasy owners. If Benjamin continues to miss time Jones could be the beneficiary in production.


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